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Blair Johnston is a mixed medium Photographer & Creative based in Brisbane Australia ~

My parents went to Art College. Instead of returning their Pentax k1000 SLR at the end of their study they chose to hold onto (steal) it –a relic, a memento. 

Fast forward 23 years and I stumble across this very camera while exploring under my family home. Identification numbers from my parent’s college are still clearly visible on the back of the camera. I'm intrigued by the device, so much so that I purchase a roll of film (Kodak 400 ISO Colour Film). After a quick tutorial from Dad on how to load the camera I proceed to shoot 24 photos. I get these photos developed. 

Just 4 photos turn out. The remainder are either overexposed, too dark or blurry. I'm frustrated but try again. This time I have 7 photos I'm happy with (improvement). I shoot more and more frequently. I take the camera with me on holidays overseas. I experiment with different types of film, different cameras, different light settings, different scenery. I continue to learn and begin to receive affirmation from my peers. It's uplifting and inspires me further.

I'm hooked.

For me photography is cathartic. It circumvents the transient notions of day to day life.  It allows me to reflect, express & understand.

All images on this site are available in framed prints - enquire below. 

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I am open to collaboration with other photographers, videographers, writers, story tellers, artists, musicians, models. 

Nothing you send me will go unanswered - so please drop me a line.

Contact Number: 0412 416 033 

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